SlumberChild: Quiet Music For Sleepy Children

Available for free for the iPad and Kindle Fire.


Claire de Lune, Claude Debussy.

Introduce your child (or yourself) to the timeless beauty of masterpieces of classical music and art, all in one sweet, sleepy time package. Classical Slumbers pairs some of the most gorgeous gentle music of the classical period with vividly soothing paintings showing the peace of nighttime. Children can pore over paintings by Whistler and Van Gogh while listening to calming selections from Bach, Beethoven and Debussy. Pleasant dreams!


  • Claude Debussy: Clair De Lune
  • Frédéric Chopin: Nocturne No. 1
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Air on the G String
  • Felix Mendelssohn: Venetian Gondola Song
  • Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata (First Movement)
  • Robert Schumann: Träumerei (Dreaming)

The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybook

Available for iPad and Kindle Fire

Read what teachers and moms have to say:

Kate Etue, Cool Mom Tech:

When I’m trying to decide whether to spend money on an app for my kids, I want to be sure it’s something they’ll return to again and again. But I also want my kids to learn something while they’re having fun. All of this is true of the new iPad app, The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybook, which lets your child explore the changes of the seasons while listening to the iconic classical music by Vivaldi.

Teachers With Apps:

The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybook  is a darling introduction for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners to get familiar with and develop a love of classical music. Set to the four seasons in all their glory gives this interactive storybook the added bonus of a long shelf life.

Foster a love of classical music in children of all ages with this interactive storybook featuring:

  • Engaging art that depicts animals and the natural world in all four seasons
  • A gorgeous, kid-friendly arrangement of one of the most beloved pieces of classical music
  • Loads of fun interactivity — make geese sing, squirrels fly, and more!
  • Gentle wit and rich but simple language to encourage readers of all levels

For preschoolers and kindergarteners to listen and read with their parents, and for early readers to enjoy on their own.


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