The Four Seasons: A Vivaldi Storybook

Available for iPad and Kindle Fire

Read the review from Teachers With Apps.

Foster a love of classical music in children of all ages with this interactive storybook featuring:

  • Engaging art that depicts animals and the natural world in all four seasons
  • A gorgeous, kid-friendly arrangement of one of the most beloved pieces of classical music
  • Loads of fun interactivity — make geese sing, squirrels fly, and more!
  • Gentle wit and rich but simple language to encourage readers of all levels

For preschoolers and kindergarteners to listen and read with their parents, and for early readers to enjoy on their own.


owls sheep bears

Evolver.FM Reviews K235

An excellent review that really captures my intent in creating the app:

Upon startup, the app loads the electronic music option automatically, or you can switch to the chamber setting if you’d rather fabricate some elegant, Muhly-esque, classical compositions. Either way, the layout is clean, simple, and decidedly modern. This attack on nostalgia from developer Peter Kay might come as a breath of fresh air if you’re tired of apps that retread the past or merely mimic traditional instruments.

Read the whole thing and check out K235 in the iTunes store.